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In June 2010, I was in an automobile accident when I was hit broad side by an individual who sped through a red light doing approximately 40mph. It totally destroyed my car, and sent my mother and I to the hospital. The day after accident, I received the police report & contacted the insurance company in hopes that they would take responsibility for the property damages and medical bills that their insured caused my family. I never anticipated getting a lawyer or the need for one. Unfortunately, I became keenly aware that the insurance company’s only objective was to mitigate their own cost, at my expense. Upon expressing my frustration to friends, they suggested that I speak with an attorney. After contacting Yves, our problems with the insurance company were immediately taken care of. He began working for us. I was quick to get a rental car, and he immediately assisted me in acquiring the necessary medical treatment. Yves handled everything very professionally, and we received the settlement that we deserved.

John and Jessica Morton, parents of Haley “Danielle” Cox.

“Yves is personable, professional, and a very understanding individual. Without his honesty and hardworking attitude, my daughter’s death would’ve been in vein! Our schools will be a safer place due to his understanding, and efforts to combat the pervasive problem of ‘school/cyber-bullying.’  Thank you Yves, and keep up the great work!”  


"I desperately needed to acquire custody of my 3 children from their mother, as their well being was at stake. In my opinion, this is not an easy task for a man to accomplish in Louisiana. I was referred to Yves, he took immediate action, and I was able to obtain custody within 3 days. I know he has the knowledge and skill to accomplish the task presented. As importantly, if he is unable, he will be the first one to tell you." 

Sherry Rose

“Yves Verret is an amazing attorney who fights for you and what is right. His dedication to each case is evident, along with guidance and excellent communication. Thank you for being honest and for personally staying in contact with updates on our case. I feel you did everything you could to help me and my family with our case. I would strongly and enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone in need of a criminal attorney or otherwise!” 

Greyson Bailey

“I had hired an established, well-known attorney in town to handle my divorce/custody case, and paid a large sum of money up front in hopes of achieving an equitable result relative to the visitation/custody of my daughter. Unfortunately, I walked out of the court room with supervised visitation only every other weekend, I was barred from attending functions at my daughter’s school, and I was ordered to pay what I believe to be an unreasonable amount to my ex in spousal support. Despite pleas to the contrary, for the next two years this attorney told me that I was stuck having to adhere to the visitation schedule, and he even deterred me from seeking to have the order of spousal support terminated by finalizing my divorce, among other things. He said he couldn’t do it – and in his opinion the judge would never find in my favor. Upon sharing my disgust and frustration with a friend, I was referred to Mr. Verret. Upon consult, it was nice to meet a lawyer with a common sense, straight forward way of handling things, and although the fee I was quoted was in deed respectable, it was still reasonable for what I was trying to obtain. Within days, the proper documentation was filed, and shortly thereafter we appeared before the judge. When I left the courtroom, not only was the supervised visitation removed, but my “visitation” was increased to a point that I now had actual custody of my daughter 50% of the time, I was able to participate in her school once again, my divorce was finalized, and the order of spousal support was terminated. I highly recommend Mr. Verret to handle all of your affairs. He is prompt, straight forward, fights extremely hard for your rights, and wins! Without question it was money well spent!”

Jeff, Lt. Col, ret.

"Yves is very easy to work with. He gives straightforward advice, is very professional and gets results. He was instrumental in the outcome of my child custody proceedings and I give him my highest recommendation." 

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